#RideForUkraine monthly challenges rules

1. General

  1. Challenges #RideForUkraine are not commercial and are not profitable for organizers.
  2. Events are held as monthly challenges starting from July 2022. Any news and end date of a challenges series will be announced on our site.
  3. Challenge starts from the first day of the month and lasts until the last one. It cannot be completed before the month begins and after the month ends.
  4. A rider gets a souvenir after a challenge is complete. Souvenir does not allow you to get any sports title.
  5. One rider can get only one souvenir throughout the month despite the number of successful attempts or the number of times he or she registered for the challenge.
  6. Challange souvenir for a month challenge is announced on the challenge information page.
  7. Organizers cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents which can occur during attempts to complete a challenge. Organizers also cannot and do not accept liability from a third party.
  8. The only requirement for a route is the minimal distance to be ridden. It's noted on a challenge information page on the organizers' official site.
  9. Time which rider can use to do an attempt to complete a challenge is synchronized with Ukrainian curfew hours. It means an attempt may be made between 5:00 to 23:00 local rider's time in a single day. This limitation also spreads to non-Ukrainian residents.
  10. For riders who ride in Ukraine: organizers cannot and do not accept responsibility for curfew violations. Riders must plan their rides while keeping country-wide and local curfew requirements.
  11. Monthly challenges are not competitive events. Organizers do not collect any time stats for all riders who took part in the event.

2. Taking part

  1. A rider participates in a challenge voluntarily.
  2. Riders must ride under all applicable traffic codes and obey all traffic signals.
  3. Riders should be at least 18 years old.
  4. Rider's vehicle should comply with local traffic rules along the route.
  5. Any human-powered vehicles are allowed if they comply with 2.4.
  6. A rider can make any number of attempts to complete a challenge during a month.
  7. In case if a rider cannot complete a challenge they do not receive any souvenirs.

3. Registration and results processing

  1. A participant selects a route and a ride date on their own. Any violation of traffic rules noted on the route may lead to discarding an attempt to be successful.
  2. To register for a challenge a participant has to fill out the form. Minimal information is collected there to allow organizers to ship a souvenir to a participant and identify him or her. Also, a participant has to point out an amount he or she wants to donate to a charity fund or an account denoted by organizers on a challenge info page.
  3. After a registration form is submitted a participant obtains a registration number. Also, he or she gets a link to a participant's page where they can pay a chosen amount for donation and shipping costs. Also, a participant should use this page to send a link to an attempted activity to confirm a challenge.
  4. A participant can ask to confirm their result only after donation and shipping costs are paid in full.
  5. To complete a challenge a participant has to send a link to an attempted activity on Strava.
  6. An activity must: (1) be public and (2) an activity name must contain #RideForUkraine hashtag.

4. Financial questions

  1. Shipping costs are set during the registration process and do not change after a participant is registered.
  2. Charity fund or target bank accounts to forward your donation to is defined at the time challenge info is published. Target charity fund or bank account cannot be changed after a challenge info page is published.
  3. Funds transfer to a target fund or bank account occurs on the day after a month's challenge is over.
  4. Organizers do not do a refund for those participants who are not able to make an attempt throughout a month or did not complete a challenge. An exception is only shipping costs; a participant may request a shipping costs refund.

5. Other

  1. Any other questions which are not covered by these rules should be sent to organizers via a contact form.

Rules last update 27 June 2022