Let's support Defenders of Ukraine!

How to participate?

It is very easy to take part in #RideForUkraine challenges!

  • Register
  • Pay the charitable donation
  • Ride minimal route distance
  • Get a memorable souvenir
  • Get an extra souvenir for the longest distance or the largest donation

100% of donations are sent to a specific charity fund or account

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#RideForUkraine Challenges

September Challenge

150+ km • Medical battalion "Hospitallers"



Can't ride but want to help?

You can help without even riding a bike. How? Find out about it on our website. We have collected several recommendations and useful links for donations to our defenders without intermediaries.

Moguls Audax logo

Moguls Audax is a progressive Ukrainian randoneurs club founded in 2017.

Before the war of russia against Ukraine, we held brevets according to the rules of the Audax Club Parisien.

Despite the war, we did not stop our activities. We continue to act as a community, doing business that united us, and at the same time helping Ukraine to win this war.

Let's fight against the invaders on all fronts!